A New Year, A New Location: Lindy Hop on the Rock Moves to the Elks Club!

Hey Swing cats! Hope you’re hanging in there. cuz we’re back in 2019 with a new year of swing dance classes in a brand new location. Thanks for the wait as we were working diligently behind the scenes to bring to you a new venue for 2019!

This year, we’re happy to announce that we’re moving one of our favorite and familiar dance halls - the Elks Club! In a super convenient location near Downtown St. John’s, the Elks Club boasts a glorious wooden floor for you to dance upon!

Not only are such lovely floors hard to come by in the St. John’s, they’re also much gentler on the feet and knees after a night of dancing.

We are also now able to offer you with ample free parking, and happy to note that there is a bar on site for an after class sociable beverage!

Otherwise, you can expect the same faces, the same jokes, and the same enthusiasm towards teaching you to dance the Lindy Hop.

Head on over to registration today and we’ll see you all on Tuesday, January 15th at the Elks Club!