Class Descriptions

Lindy Hop’s something for all skill levels! Each class is taught by two experienced instructors that will provide group instruction, demonstration, and answers to questions specific to both the leader and follower roles. If you are unsure about which level is appropriate for you, please contact us at or speak with one of Lindy Hop on the Rock’s experienced instructors on the first day of class.

Level 1: Introduction to Swing Dancing

This level is for those new to Swing Dance. You’ll learn some basic moves, rhythms, and footwork of Lindy Hop and get a sense of why we love this wonderful dance. Over two six-week sessions you should be comfortably able to dance in a social environment.


  • 1a: Lindy Hop basics, eight-count focus

  • 1b: Lindy Hop basics, six-count focus

September 2019 session: 1a: Lindy Hop basics, eight-count focus

Level 2: Grow as a Dancer

Deepen your understanding of the dance with an introduction to the underlying concepts and techniques. You’ll get comfortable with a broader repertoire of moves and be introduced to Charleston and Solo Jazz, which are related dances whose moves we freely incorporate into Swing dancing. Topics include improvisation; style; floor craft; connecting to the music; what constitutes leading and following; variation of rhythm, steps, and connection.


  • Can consistently do basic six- and eight-count footwork

  • Gliding in both counts

  • Basic move repertoire: Swing-out, circle, promenade, send-out, pass-by, tuck turn

  • Can find the first beat of an 8-count in the music most of the time

  • Are comfortable dancing socially and can do so safely

Blocks: Three blocks (2a, 2b, 2c)

September 2019 session: 2a: mixing six- and eight-count moves

Level 3: Get a Deeper Understanding

Here we’ll work on each element of technique, learning moves and variations that exemplify them. You’ll learn how these elements fit together, and how to improvise within them.


  • Regular social dancing

  • Swing-outs and circles from open and closed, promenots, basic Charleston

  • Reasonable form: Posture, frame, pulse, footwork, connection, rhythm

  • Can recover without disrupting social dance when something goes wrong

  • Leaders: not too forceful, able to lead direction and rotation

  • Followers: Aware of continuing momentum, following the line, not over-anticipating

  • Body awareness: In control of their limbs, safe to dance with.

Blocks: Five blocks (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e)

Blocks will follow a theme, with classes of varied material built around one or more key concepts.

September 2019 session: 3a: Varying rhythm, footwork, and style

Fall Registration is Now Open!

So there you have it! A shiny new curriculum, new class materials, and new people to meet all make for happy feet. Head on over to the Registration page to register for Fall 2019 Swing dance lessons today.