Class Description

Lindy Hop’s something for all skill levels! Each class is taught by two experienced instructors that will provide group instruction, demonstration, and answers to questions specific to both the leader and follower roles. If you are unsure about which level is appropriate for you, please contact us at or speak with one of Lindy Hop on the Rock’s experienced instructors on the first day of class.

Lindy Hop Beginner A

Take your first steps in Lindy hop with a beginner class that emphases, connection, rhythm, and most of all - fun! Each class is tailored for the absolute beginner, for a dancer who wants to brush up on the basics, or for someone that wants to try out a different role. The Lindy hop Beginner A class, introduces basic 8-count footwork and progression of figures such as Basic in closed position, Gliding, Promenots, Promenades, Swing-out from open and closed position, Circle’s from open, and closed position. By the end of the 6-week session, students will have what they need to be confident on the social dance floor!

Lindy Hop Beginner B

A continuation of the basic Lindy hop figures and movement patterns from Beginner A, that keeps the fun in fundamentals. In this class, Lindy Hop dancers are introduced to 8-count footwork and associated figures. Additionally, the Beginner B class builds upon each dancers’ repertoire or moves, adding 8-count figures, learning Charleston and Charleston variations and mixing 8-count and 6-count rhythms. Beginners are offered a greater challenge at this level to work on technique and improvisation, and are offered an early window into advanced concepts such as linking together figures to create new routines.

Lindy Hop Intermediate

Since every dancer learns at different pace, Lindy Hop on the Rock encourages that new dancers take the Beginner A and beginner B classes more than once to reinforce rhythms, figures, and technique or to try out a different partner role before registering for the intermediate class. By this level, most students will have completed both beginner A and beginner B sessions one or more times.

Time to sync or swing! Intermediate class teaches more advanced Lindy hop technique, including connecting with partner, new figures, variations, and encourages students to take a more active role in their learning, with an exploration of concepts such as musicality, rhythm and footwork variations. It’s here in Intermediate where Lindy Hop dancers can begin to craft their own unique style. Intermediate also offers many exciting chances to learn one-off classes on other related dances including 20’s Charleston, and solo Jazz. 

Class Prerequisites

Beginner A Requirements

There are no prerequisites to the Beginner A class track. Just bring a positive attitude, open mind, and willingness to learn.

Beginner B Requirements

Student will have completed Beginner A session at least one time. However, students must ask their instructors whether or not they are ready to move to Beginner B class before registering.

Intermediate Requirements

Before registering and attending the Intermediate level of class, a student will have completed a minimum of 3 sessions of Beginner B following figures, and understand the following concepts before entering Intermediate class:


  • Closed Basic

  • Tuck turn

  • Change of place

  • Open Basic

  • Frisbee spin

  • Front crawl

  • Open basic

  • Cuddle

  • Cross Hand

  • Rotational Rock step

  • Side lean dip

  • Swing out from open and closed position

  • Circles from open and closed position

  • Promenots (yo-yo's)

  • 30's Charleston and some variations


  • Be comfortable with combining both 6-8 count moves

  • Social dance at least once a week

  • Have good form: posture, frame, pulse, footwork, connection, rhythm

  • Leader are in control of their limbs, not too forceful while followers are aware of momentum, not anticipating

  • It goes without saying, body awareness and dancing etiquette and safety are essential

*Ultimately entry into the intermediate level is at the discretion of the instructors.


Beginner A or Beginner B: $60

·         Includes six 70-minute classes of beginner Lindy Hop

·         Includes free entry to social dance at the end of class

·         Register online and save $10 on the price of admission

Intermediate: $60

·         Includes six 70-minute classes of intermediate Lindy Hop

·         Includes free entry to social dance at the end of class

·        Drop-in classes are available to intermediate level students that are unable to regularly attend class at a rate of $10 per class (please use the sign in form and deposit box before class)

Social Dance Drop In: $5

If you are not presently registered for classes, you still have a chance to dance. $5 gets you entry to the Tuesday evening social dance following the beginner A/B or intermediate classes at 9:30PM. Be a hero and ask a beginner to a dance!

Lindy Hop on the Rock offers some of the best instruction at an affordable price however, we also offer volunteer opportunities for those that would like assistance in paying for their classes. Contact to enquire about how you can contribute and be a part of Lindy Hop on the Rock’s next social event.