Registration fees must be paid in full at the beginning of the first class of each new session of classes. A registration table will be present at front entrance of the Landing where you can confirm pre-registration and discounted payment, or register at the door.

Payment Methods

Lindy Hop on the Rock accepts payments by the following methods:

·         Cash (at the door only)

·         e-Transfers sent to

·         If you would like to redeem a Lindy Hop on the Rock coupon, please contact to make arrangements.


Lindy Hop is a progressive dance that builds upon each student’s understanding of basic movement patterns and technique introduced over the course of a 6-week session. Students are required to change partners often during each class to practice these basics. While each student will learn at a different rate, at a minimum Lindy Hop on the Rock does not allow students to register for a session past the first week of class. This ensure that each dancer has a compatible foundation of basic figures so that classes are fun for everyone while maintaining an appropriate level of challenge for the entire group.


While it’s okay to miss class for any reason, Lindy Hop on the Rock does not offer make up classes. Since each week builds upon the previous class’ material, please keep in mind your fellow classmates. As a social dance, you will be required to change partners frequently during class. It may be difficult to keep up with the group if you miss multiple classes during the 6-week session.

Class Cancelations

In the event of a class cancelation due to a snow storm, power outage etc. Lindy Hop on the Rock will reschedule the missed class on the following Tuesday; extending the 6-week session to accommodate the missed classes. Join the Lindy Hop on the Rock mailing list to stay up to date on class cancelations and other  announcements.

Footwear, Attire, etc.

Please bring a pair of indoor shoes to change into for class. Nothing too ‘fancy schmancy’ needed here folks. Just bring soft soled shoes without too much grip, or suede-soled dance shoes and you’ll have all you need to dance the Lindy Hop. In terms of clothing, just be sure to wear something casual and comfortable that you can move in. You’ll get a good cardio workout during each class, so it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle, towel, and a change of clothing as required.

Oh, don’t forget to bring a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and your smile too :)

Dance Etiquette

Is it your first time social dancing? No worries, we have you covered, swing on over for the skinny on Lindy Hop social dance etiquette!

Lost and Found

Lindy Hop on the Rock is not responsible for lost or stolen items during class, social dances, or other events. Please leave your personal belongings and valuables (e.g. cellphones, laptops, tablets, wallets, purses etc.) at home or in another secure location while attending classes. If you have forgotten something in class, chances are it made its way to our lost and found. Please ask an organizer if you are missing something as we have a growing wardrobe of shoes, scarves, sweaters, and water bottles.